Your First Wound Treatment Visit

At your first visit, it is important to evaluate your medical history and general health. This will help us identify the reason your wound is having difficulty healing.

In order to fully evaluate your medical history, please complete the patient history form and bring it to your first appointment.

Please also bring the following:

  • a list of any allergies and all current medications and doses (including insulin and aspirin)
  • medical records you have including, x-rays or test results
  • insurance cards and any required insurance forms (referrals or authorizations)

Our experienced nurses and doctors are familiar with the most advanced wound treatments and therapies. Your individual plan of care will include regular visits to the Wound Treatment Center to provide treatment and monitor healing. Patients may require a minor surgical procedure. Additional testing may be ordered such as X-ray or vascular studies. It may be important to obtain laboratory specimens for evaluation. There is convenient access to these departments at each of the Wound Treatment Center locations.

Your medical records will be here for the specialists to review. Some of our patients benefit from referral to Beaumont's Hyperbaric Medicine Center to promote healing.

Our nurses are very knowledgeable and helpful. They will teach you what you need to know to manage your wound at home. The staff will instruct you in the proper care of your wound, good nutrition, how to reduce swelling and how to monitor for infection or complications. You will be given detailed instructions and a demonstration of your dressing change. The staff will assist you in obtaining home medical equipment, and dressing supplies. Documentation for insurance coverage of these items will be provided. A referral to a home care agency may help you while your wound is healing.

Your commitment and participation are important to the success of your treatment. You will need to follow directions carefully, watch your progress closely between visits, and keep your appointments.

The nursing staff and physicians are compassionate and caring. We want to minimize your pain and help to heal your wound. You are encouraged to contact the staff with any questions.

We will keep your primary care doctor informed about your treatment and progress. You will need to continue to consult their primary care physician for your regular medical care.