Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Personal Care

Personal care services available to provide compassionate, reliable care


Skilled nursing professionals, RNs or LPNs, provide hourly care or intermittent visits for patients who may require medication administration, tube feedings, wound care, tracheotomy and ventilator care, just to name a few. Often, a care plan may recommend an additional nursing presence just to follow any changes in status.


In the home setting, the companion is “company” for the patient. The companion assures safety and can provide guidance. A companion is a non-professional employee, trained to offer services in the home setting, including: companionship, hospital sitting, housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation, medication reminders, hair/nail care and entertainment.


If your loved one is admitted into a hospital or rehabilitation facility, the hospital sitter can provide companionship while observing the patient for any problems. If the patient is ambulatory, the sitter can also accompany the patient. The sitter will report any changes in the patient’s condition or any unusual situations to the nurse in charge and/or the family members.


A Home Health Aide or a Certified Nursing Assistant provides hands on care and assistance in the areas of personal grooming, ambulating, exercise, meal preparation or light housekeeping and laundry. The type of assistance provided on any given day depends on the patient’s needs.