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Prescribe Life Program

Healthy Food. Healthy Outlook.

Increasing fruit and vegetable intake positively impacts every part of your health but we understand that it can be easier said than done.

What is Prescribe Life?

Prescribe Life is a produce prescription program. I know you are thinking, “My doctor can give me a prescription to eat better?” and the answer is yes! Produce prescription programs are one way where healthcare providers can help address the social needs of their patients that impact their ability to maintain their health. It’s easy for a doctor to say "eat healthy", but patients also need the resources to do so.

How does the program work?

In this program, you will participate in a 16-week program that’s consists of web-based nutrition education, one on one goal coaching and funds to purchase fruits and vegetables from a participating store. Below is a sample schedule:

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How to enroll

If you have been diagnosed with, or are at risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, your doctor’s office can refer you directly into this program. If you believe you can benefit from this program, you can complete the quick pre-screening questionnaire to see if you qualify.