Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Interstitial Lung Disease Program


Many breathing problems are chronic and can be a life-long issue. To help with the management of these problems, Beaumont offers a multidisciplinary approach to patients with multiple lung disorders.

The Interstitial Lung Disease Program offers:

  • comprehensive visits
  • pulmonology directed care planning
  • dedication and accessibility to and from the providers
  • guidance with various support programs within your community
  • coordination of care with physicians and other disciplines
  • educational materials relevant to your specific diagnosis and treatment plans

Multidisciplinary Team

The Interstitial Lung Disease Program includes a core group of specialists working together with you and your family members. Following a thorough review of diagnostic testing, the specialists within the group will collaborate to determine the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Through every step, the nurse navigator will assist you as one of your care-support team members. The team includes:

  • pulmonologist
  • nurse navigator
  • radiologist
  • thoracic surgeon
  • chest pathologist


Visits to the Interstitial Lung Disease Clinic are comprehensive, with a focus on helping you through any difficulties you may have during your treatment plan.

During a visit, a clinical summary and plan of care will be thoroughly reviewed with you and a copy will be provided to your care team, including your primary care provider.

Visits may also address:

  • wellness education
  • health promotion
  • healthy lifestyle recommendations
  • detailed education on treatment plan and diagnosis