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Cost of bariatric surgery at Beaumont

Bariatric Surgery Cost at Beaumont

Many Beaumont services for bariatric surgery are covered by insurance.

Program Start-Up Package

$199 covers the following pre-surgery through one-year post-surgery services.

Program start-up package includes:

  • Bariatric support groups – The groups provide the knowledge and skills needed for short- and long-term success, and also provide supportive interaction with others that are on the same journey.
  • Individual visits and classes with a dietitian and exercise physiologist.
  • Body composition analysis – A DXA body composition scan or a bioimpedance analysis (BIA) measures your percent body fat and lean mass to determine an individualized weight loss goal.

Medial evaluation: Physical exam with physician or nurse practitioner, EKG, blood work

Billed to insurance (co-pays and deductibles may apply if required by your insurance)

Psychology session(s):

Billed to insurance (co-pays and deductibles may apply if required by your insurance)

Optional Support Services

  • Meal replacements and supplements for sale at our healthy living stores.
  • Cooking demonstrations.
  • Kids cooking classes.
  • Advanced micro-nutrient testing.
  • Resting metabolic rate testing (billed to insurance; co-pays and deductible may apply).
  • Yoga and strength training groups (Royal Oak and Canton locations).

Additional program details and cost information will be provided when scheduling your first appointment. Or you can attend a free, in-person seminar at one of the Weight Control Centers to receive more information on program cost.

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