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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity | FAQS

Beaumont Health strives to ensure all patients and families feel safe and accepted during every care encounter. For this reason, Beaumont has updated the patient registration process to better understand your unique needs as they pertain to your sexual orientation, gender identity and preferred name.

Beginning fall 2019, you may be asked personal information by staff during patient registration, inpatient treatment and outpatient appointments. 

What is sexual orientation?

Sexual orientation is how a person identifies their physical and emotional attraction to others.

What is gender identity?

Gender identity is a person’s inner sense of gender. For example, a person may think of themselves as male, female, a combination of male and female, neither male nor female or as another gender.

Why am I being asked about my sexual orientation, gender identity and preferred name?

Every patient has unique health needs. Considering the sexual orientation and gender identity of each patient will help deliver appropriate health services and culturally sensitive care to all patients and their families. By using a patient’s preferred name whenever possible, Beaumont employees can treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

Who will see the information I provide about my sexual orientation, gender identity and preferred name?

Your provider(s) will see this information, and it will become part of your medical record. In addition, other clinical staff will have access to this information, if needed. Your information is confidential and protected by law, just like your other health information. Your preferred name will be used to address you during an inpatient stay or medical appointment.

Can I update or add this information on myBeaumontChart?

Yes. Log in to your myBeaumontChart account and go to your Profile. Select Personal Information and select Edit on the Details About Me panel. Patient Registration will receive the updated information as well as information in your medical record.

What if I don’t want to share this information?

You are welcome to decline sharing this information. Your provider may ask you these questions later in a private setting. If your provider does ask these questions, you may choose whether or not to share this information.

How will this information be used?

Your provider(s) may use this information as part of understanding your unique health care needs. When all patients share this information, it helps Beaumont identify opportunities for additional care or services to meet the needs of patients and families.

Where can I go to learn more information about sexual orientation and gender identity?