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Beaumont Health Price Transparency Information

At Beaumont, we agree that transparency about the costs of healthcare is important. We are dedicated to helping you navigate cost and billing issues. Listed below are lists of our standard hospital charges, also known as a “chargemaster”, to help you understand and compare costs.

The information contained in the chargemaster may not reflect your actual out-of-pocket costs. Actual costs vary based on different factors, such as:
  • Your health insurance, such as deductibles, co-pays or coinsurance amounts, and other requirements specific to your health insurance 
  • Specific items or services you may need during your visit based on your medical needs, which vary and may not be accounted for by these resources
  • Charges from health care providers who are not employed by Beaumont but may be involved in your medical care
  • Financial aid, discounts or payment plans


To obtain a more accurate estimate of your expected out-of-pocket costs, we recommend that you go to our Price Estimator Tool to generate an online estimate for Shoppable Services provided within Beaumont Health, call one of our pricing specialists at 855-577-5780 or contact your insurer.

Understanding your charges

Hospital charges address the cost of providing aspects of your care, such as nursing staff, supplies, medications, services provided by support staff, others who provide care during your visit, and any other additional expenses which may be incurred during your visit. The prices displayed are the most frequent prices paid and provides a more accurate depiction of payment, considering variations in services and other complexities related to patient care.

Physician and other health care professional fees address the cost of care you receive from a Beaumont employee who is qualified by education, training, licensure/regulation (when applicable) and facility privileging (when applicable) who performs a professional service within his/her scope of practice and independently reports that professional service. Services performed by these physicians and other health care professionals will result in a separate bill. 

Machine-Readable Files for Download

To improve price transparency, all U.S. hospitals are required to provide lists of standard hospital charges, also known as a “chargemaster”, to help patients compare costs. Below are some considerations as you view our List of Standard Charges (chargemaster):

  • These charges rarely are the price that patients pay. The chargemaster lists amounts for each service prior to any adjustments or discounts being made. In other words, you may pay less than these charges depending upon your health insurance.
  • Charges will vary based on whether items or services are bundled or charged separately, which depends upon your health insurance.
  • Comparing hospital charges does not provide any indication of quality or outcomes.

The files listed below are best viewed on a desktop computer. When opening the files on a mobile device, you must have an application that opens CSV files. The Microsoft excel and WPS office applications are both offered on Android and IOS app stores.


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