Beaumont Health requests donations of medical supplies, equipment
3/21/2020 9:14:42 PM
Beaumont's team continues to work together in a coordinated effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Beaumont Health requests donations of medical supplies, equipment

Beaumont Health

Beaumont Health requests donations of medical supplies, equipment

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Centralized drop-off site at Beaumont Service Center will support Beaumont physicians, nurses and staff across the health system

Beaumont Health’s team continues to work together in a coordinated effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, care for patients who have contracted the virus and protect physicians, nurses and staff.

As the number of COVID-19 patients continues to climb, Beaumont Health is now accepting certain medical supplies and donations to help support the health systems ongoing efforts to protect staff and patients during the pandemic.

“We have heard from people all over Michigan who want to donate medical supplies, equipment and money to help with Beaumont’s efforts to protect our staff and care for our patients,” Beaumont Health Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer Margaret Cooney Casey said. “We are so grateful for all the community members who are pitching in to help. And, we’re pleased that we can coordinate all the donations now at one location and disperse them to the areas of greatest need throughout Beaumont Health.”

Effective immediately, Beaumont will accept donations of items listed below at the Beaumont Service Center, 26901 Beaumont Blvd, in Southfield. This is the only location where Beaumont will accept COVID-19 donations.

While we appreciate that donors may want to donate other supplies, we’re asking only for certain high priority items at this time.


Donation bins will be located outside the Beaumont Service Center main entrance through Saturday, March 28. Community members will be able to drive up and place needed supplies and materials in the bins from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Most-Needed Personal Protective Equipment

  • new or unused disposable face masks
  • N-95 masks (sometimes called respirators)
  • eye protection including face shields and safety goggles
  • disposable gowns
  • disposable gloves (especially non-latex)
  • disposable surgical caps
  • disposable foot covers
  • wipes: bleach or anti-microbial
  • hand-sanitizer
  • Specialized items, such as:
    • PAPRs (powered air purifying respirators) and PAPR hoods
    • nasal testing swabs
    • viral testing kits

Items Beaumont will not accept at this time:

  • home-sewn reusable masks or 3-D printed ventilator parts
  • medications, food, blankets, medical equipment, baby monitors or other supplies 

Note: These kinds of items might be needed later. If Beaumont’s donation needs change, the list will be updated.

Receipts will be available online.

For bulk donations and pick-up, call the Beaumont Health Foundation:  947-522-0100.

Donors who are not feeling well should wait until they are well before donating supplies or equipment.

Financial Donations

To make a financial donation to Beaumont’s COVID-19 Fund to assist patients and emergency operations, visit or mail a check to the Beaumont Health Foundation (Please write COVID-19 Fund on your check).

Beaumont Health Foundation
26901 Beaumont Blvd., 5D
Southfield, MI  48033

Questions? Please contact The Beaumont Health Foundation:  947-522-0100, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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