Thrush Infection

Thrush is a yeast infection that can be very persistent.

Symptoms of thrush may be evident in both you and your baby, but it’s also possible that you may have symptoms, but your baby won’t or your baby will display symptoms, but you’ll feel fine.

Symptoms and signs of thrush infection in you and your baby include:

  • Your nipples appear bright red or pink and feel itchy.
  • You experience a burning or stinging pain while nursing.
  • Your baby may be fussy and not nurse well.
  • Your baby may have patches of white in his or her mouth that you can’t wipe off.
  • Your baby may have a bright red diaper rash.

If you or your baby have any of the above symptoms, or you suspect a thrush infection, contact your baby's doctor. If your baby has thrush, both of you must receive medication, otherwise it will pass back and forth between the two of you. Both of you will need at least two weeks of thrush treatment to get rid of the infection.