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Spine, Back, and Neck Pain

Spine, neck and back pain can range from mildly annoying to completely debilitating. It’s one of the most common reasons people visit the doctor. Pain in the spine, back and neck has a variety of causes, including injury, congenital or genetic causes, deformity, and degenerative spinal conditions, such as arthritis and disc disease. 

Pain involving your spine can be described in many ways – shooting, stabbing, dull, aching, burning, nagging and more. The pain can occur once in a while or all the time. Some spine conditions can even cause other symptoms as well, like weakness and numbness.

Causes of spine, back and neck pain

There are many conditions and injuries that can cause pain to arise in your back or neck. Some of the more common causes of such pain are:

Orthopedic spine specialists, as well as some neurosurgeons and rheumatologists, treat spine, back and neck pain and related conditions. If you make an appointment with one type of specialist and you end up with a diagnosis that is better treated by another, we will make a referral and, if your care plan warrants it, we will work with specialists throughout Beaumont to ensure you receive the right care for your condition.

Spine, back and neck pain relief

Many causes of pain in the spine, back and neck can be managed at home with some self-care. For example, heat and ice therapy can be helpful, as can over-the-counter medications to relieve the pain. Taking it easy can be helpful as well, but be careful not to rest too much as long periods of bedrest can make your condition worse.

If you have been experiencing pain or discomfort for more than a couple weeks, and it’s not improving with self-care, call your doctor to make an appointment. You may need more extensive treatment. The orthopedic spine specialists at Beaumont are experts in both surgical and non-surgical treatments for spine, neck and back conditions. 

Please note, if you experience any of the symptoms below, it’s important to call your doctor right away. 

  • Pain that shoots down one or both legs
  • Pain that gets worse, especially at night when you try to sleep
  • A fever that accompanies the pain
  • Pain that causes numbness or tingling in one or both of your legs
  • Back pain that begins after a fall or high-impact accident
  • Loss of control of bowel or bladder
  • Weakness in your legs or arms

Spine surgeons and specialists at Beaumont

If you need surgery, you’ll be in good hands with our orthopedic spine surgeons. Spine specialists at Beaumont help you manage and treat chronic back pain and provide a full range of treatments to help you get back to doing the things you love – without debilitating pain. 

When you have a surgical consultation with one of our specialists they will work with you, learning about your condition and how it’s affecting your life, before helping you choose the best treatment approach for you and your lifestyle.

Whether you need the latest in non-surgical options for back pain, comprehensive surgery, or anything in between, the spine experts at Beaumont can help. If non-surgical care doesn’t work for you, we can surgically treat nearly any spine condition, from herniated discs and spinal stenosis to tumors and rare disorders. Beaumont back and neck pain specialists help determine the cause of your discomfort, then develop an individualized treatment plan address your pain and dysfunction to provide relief. 

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Connect with our spine specialists 

At Beaumont, our spine surgeons are breaking new ground and pioneering treatments that improve the lives of patients dealing with back and neck pain. Whether you’re seeking help with an existing condition, you would like a diagnosis, or you are looking for help with recovery and rehabilitation, Beaumont back and neck doctors can help. Beaumont has spine specialists who offer the treatments and services you need.

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