Heart Rate Range

A heart rate range is frequently given to guide individuals in determining an appropriate level of aerobic exercise. Along with breathing rate, an exercise heart rate will indicate how hard your body is working so you can adjust your workloads accordingly to safely achieve cardiovascular benefits. If you are unable to find your pulse or heart rate you could consider purchasing a heart rate monitor or use the rating of perceived exertion to monitor your exercise intensity. The important thing is to get your body moving. 

An exercise stress test can specifically determine your individual target heart rate range. This can be calculated based on your resting and maximum heart rates achieved during the test. However, if you have not had a stress test, there is a formula that estimates exercise heart rates, which is accurate for most healthy people. If you have health problems or are on medications that affect your heart rate (e.g. beta blockers: Toprol, Lopressor), you should consult their health care professional for an appropriate exercise heart rate. The following is only a general guide and should be used in conjunction with physician recommendations. See Before Starting an Exercise Program .

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