Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Wide Open MRI

The wide open MRI takes the concept of open MRI to new heights; improving on MRI technology and capabilities.

This wide open scanner is three times larger than a traditional MRI and is open on three sides. The increased size will accommodate people weighing up to 550 pounds. In addition to the enhanced physical features, it provides excellent image quality. It is perfect for bariatric, pediatric and orthopedic imaging.

It is important to note that some tests may require a more traditional scanner. This will be determined prior to testing.

Wide Open MRI Benefits

There are many features of this advanced scanner which will benefit patients who are children, claustrophobic, and obese.

The large width of the open MRI scanner will allow parents to lie next to their child during the test. If a child is especially nervous or anxious about the procedure, having a parent by his side can help to reduce stress and create a calming experience.

To encourage a soothing environment, the examination room can be filled with calming ambient lighting, relaxing music and comforting images on the walls. This will benefit those who may be anxious due to claustrophobia. The patient will also be able to see outside of the scanner's walls, which increases the feeling of openness.