Guided Imagery

Reduce pain and symptoms.

Research currently conducted on the mind and body shows a direct relationship between the two and how this relationship affects our health. In guided imagery, a specialist helps elicit the relaxation response and then guides the person's imagination in such a way that positively affects their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

What is Guided Imagery?

The mind is a powerful healing tool. Using our imagination, we can visualize almost anything. By creating images in the mind, a person can reduce pain and symptoms associated with his or her condition. Studies have also shown that imagery can help to improve relaxation.

Our guided imagery specialist offers personal appointments that are most useful for sever conditions.  Another way to experience guided imagery is to purchase an audio CD.

Guided imagery helps to:

  • reduce pain
  • stop smoking
  • reduce anxiety
  • improve depression
  • overcome a fear or phobia
  • reduce test taking anxiety
  • enhance pre and post surgery recovery
  • help alleviate fear of medical treatments
Before making a private appointment, you can experience a general relaxation guided imagery session by purchasing a CD. Call 248-964-9200 to order ($15 each).

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