This site features Beaumont’s pricing for common outpatient procedures and tests, based on the discounted price for United States residents without insurance.

These are actual prices for many common adult outpatient surgeries, procedures and diagnostic tests and represent Beaumont Facility charges only and do not include physician's fees such as your surgeon, pathologist, anesthesiologist or radiologist.

If you are insured and have questions about pricing or to get an estimate, please contact Beaumont’s pricing specialists:
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Procedure Code Description Uninsured Discounted Estimation Price
76642 Breast Ultrasound w/Axilla Lmtd
77081 Dexa Bone Density Appendicular Skeleton (Radius, Wrist or Heel)
77080 Dexa Bone Density Axial Skeleton (Hips, Pelvis or Spine)

Diagnostic Mammogram, Bilateral


Diagnostic Mammogram, Unilateral


Screening Mammogram, Bilateral

76805 Ultrasound, Pregnant Uterus After First Trimester, Single Gestation
76801 Ultrasound, Pregnant Uterus First Trimester, Single Gestation
76817 Ultrasound, Pregnant Uterus Transvaginal
76830 Ultrasound, Transvaginal