Beaumont: Incredible Happens Here

At Beaumont, we mend what’s broken, support healing and bring new lives into the world. We’re moved by the incredible things that happen here, and inspired by the incredible people who make them happen.

Mila's story

Introductions happen here.

From mini to mighty

Born more than three months early, Mila weighed just 1 pound 10 ounces and was considered a micro preemie. Now, she’s a thriving 7-year-old and is advocating for other miracle kids throughout the community.

Paul's story

Breakthroughs happen here.

Cancer journey ends with man’s best friend

Paul’s ability to verbally communicate is imperative to his personal and professional life. A surprising throat cancer diagnosis meant he needed to find a treatment with minimal side effects. That search led him to Beaumont’s Proton Therapy Center.


Friendships happen here.

Nurse BFFs bond over food, family and fitness

When nurses Rana Allawnha and Nadia Farhat met at work five years ago, they had no idea their shared passion for caring for others, fun and laughter would develop into a lasting friendship.

Read All Our Incredible Stories
Read All Our Incredible Stories

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