Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

COVID-19 Response Efforts

COVID-19 Recognition
COVID-19 Recognition
Coronavirus hotline

How You Can Make a Difference

By supporting our health care heroes as they treat our friends and families, helping us acquire much-needed supplies and equipment, or by funding research efforts that can inspire new treatments, your gift will have a meaningful impact on our patients, care providers and community.

Helping Our Health Care Heroes

COVID-19 Employee Support Fund

The dedication of our physicians, nurses and medical staff does not come without cost, and your gift to support our frontline caregivers will help support childcare, housing and transportation for our essential workers.


In-Kind Donations of Meals and Snacks

Many community members, organizations and companies are reaching out to donate meals and snacks for frontline staff allowing them to rest, eat and recharge. If you would like to make an in-kind donation of food it can be directed to the site or department of your choice, or we can determine where it is needed most. Please click here for more information and to complete and submit a form with how you’d like to help.

Helping Meet New and Ongoing Needs

COVID-19 Response Fund

Donations to the COVID-19 Response Fund are used to meet our clinicians’ most urgent COVID-19-related needs, whether it’s securing advanced equipment for treatment or purchasing the personal protective equipment that keeps our clinicians safe each day. Your gift allows Beaumont to remain responsive and direct resources to wherever the need is greatest.

Helping Fund Future Advancements

COVID-19 Research Fund

Beaumont Research Institute is involved in several leading-edge studies to diagnose and treat COVID-19 in an effort to ease the impact of the disease. The studies include the one of the nation’s largest COVID-19 serological testing projects as well as examinations of new drug treatments. Your gift will help researchers continue to find new ways to enhance patient care and outcomes and improve prevention.

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Give Now
Meal & Snack Donations
Meal & Snack Donations
Gift-In-Kind Receipt
Gift-In-Kind Receipt

Call 947-522-0100 to give by phone.

Beaumont Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization; all contributions are tax-deductible as available by law. Tax ID 36-4852171.

Honoring Our Health Care Heroes

We also invite people to honor those on the front lines of this battle – nurses, physicians and other caregivers – by participating in Beaumont’s #HealthCareHeroes campaign. Visit for more information about how to show your appreciation for these true heroes.

Should you wish to learn more about COVID-19 and Beaumont’s response to this health crisis, please visit our Coronavirus information page.