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Beaumont Speakers Bureau

Beaumont health education events.Throughout the year, working doctors, clinicians and educators reach out voluntarily, beyond the examining room and surgery suite, to bring useful health information and answers directly to our community through the Beaumont Speakers Bureau.

A vital, worthwhile health education event for your business, civic, social or church or school group. 

An important mark of our patient and family experience is how much our neighbors know about risk, prevention and management of illness and injury. That is why Beaumont’s outstanding speakers provide this service voluntarily to you at your workplace, community center, church or school.

These speakers and topics are available through the Beaumont Speakers Bureau, at no charge to adult education programs, schools or civic, social or church groups and other organizations for an audience of ten or more people. 


What can we speak about?

Our informative and innovate workshops are available on a wide variety of health topics.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

advance directives and patient rights diabetes integrative medicine sports medicine
allergies eye disease and treatment joint pain and joint replacement stress management
back care family health history know all your medications stroke
cancer education healthy aging men’s health urology
children’s health/parent education heart health mental health women’s health
chronic diseases home and work safety nutrition, diet and exercise
colds and flu infection control orthopedics
dermatology injury prevention and safety tips sleep disorders

Helpful Information

  • Our Speakers Bureau finds volunteers from the hospital and brings them into your community. Interested in a health care topic not listed? Email us! Most of the time, we can find a speaker to discuss your interest.
  • This service is available at no charge to civic groups, social clubs and other non-profit organizations.
  • Beaumont has expert speakers who are available to educate you on almost any medical subject.
  • Each presentation is a unique opportunity to talk with a health care expert, ask questions and get immediate answers.
    • The average presentation is about 30 to 45 minutes, and the speakers offer extra time for questions and comments. Finds volunteers from the hospital and brings them into your community.