Administrative Fellowship Program at Beaumont

The purpose of the administrative fellowship program is to develop future successful healthcare administrators. Through an Administrative Fellowship at Beaumont Health, you will have the opportunity to develop skills that prepare you to become a leader in healthcare. During this two-year post-graduate program, you will have many opportunities to gain exposure to the operations and strategic planning that make up the complex and unique environment of Beaumont.

The components of the fellowship include:

  • meaningful project work
  • clinical shadowing
  • departmental rotations
  • other opportunities for learning and development

In 2014, Beaumont Health was created by the affiliation of three health systems – Botsford Healthcare, Oakwood Health System and Beaumont Health System. This is an exciting time to be a part of the Beaumont Health family as we continue to grow and move toward one Beaumont Health. Thank you for your interest and we hope you consider an Administrative Fellowship at Beaumont Health.

Thank you,

John Fox
President and CEO, Beaumont Health


The Beaumont Health Administrative Fellowship program is open to individuals with a graduate degree in health care administration, business administration, public health, nursing or a related field. Candidates are evaluated on written and verbal communication skills, data analysis, interpretation and presentation, initiative, professionalism, independence, leadership potential and previous professional work experience.

Selection Process and Timeline

Beaumont will adhere to the National Council on Administrative Fellowships’ guidelines and timeline. Applications must be submitted in advance of the deadline. Exceptions will not be made. 

  • application deadline - Monday, October 1, 2018
  • phone interviews - mid-October
  • on-site interviews - early November
  • initial offer date - Monday, November 12, 2018
  • fellowship begins - June 2019

Fellowship Application

In addition to accepting applications directly through NAFCAS, we will also accept completed applications (in one PDF) by email to Applications received after October 1, 2018 will not be considered. The institution will not sponsor international visas, but will accept international applications.

In order to be considered, we require the following application materials to be attached to your entry in one PDF, in the following order:

  • cover page that includes: name, school, email, phone and address
  • undergraduate & graduate transcript
  • resume
  • personal statement that includes: why you’re interested in Beaumont, what you’d like to get out of the fellowship, and long-term career goals
  • 3 letters of recommendation (1 professional, 1 academic, 1 of applicant's choice)

Program Structure

This two-year developmental program combines both rotations and projects allowing Fellows access to unique opportunities and to explore all aspects of hospital administration in both the narrow and broad scopes. Our program offers a three tiered educational approach that:

  • fosters a broad understanding of operations management and leadership in a complex healthcare environment
  • allows the fellow to lead specific projects to improve the organization
  • integrates the fellow as a member of the executive team

The fellows serve as integral parts of the senior leadership team and support the work of committees and councils. Each fellow holds an essential part of the different leadership committees such as the Royal Oak Hospital Executive Committee, the Troy Clinical Leadership Council, the BMG Chief Medical Officer Executive Cabinet, and the Executive Leadership Team. This work advances the success of the organization and exposes the fellow to current challenges faced by leadership and the processes by which these challenges are addressed.

The fellows will have numerous Meet and Greets with leadership and past fellows and the opportunity to participate in fellowship lunch and learns. Fellows also sit in on key meetings on a rotational basis, including:

  • Hospital Presidents, Chief Medical Officers, and Chief Nursing Officers
  • Monthly Operations Review (MOR)
  • Board of Directors
  • Monthly Fellow Update meetings

 Leadership Support

Each fellow is paired with a preceptor who is a senior leader and who will serve as a supervisor and mentor. Preceptors are selected based on preceptor interest and capacity, as well as system needs for project work and support. While fellows are highly encouraged to explore other areas of Beaumont beyond their assigned site, the preceptor and administrative team serve as a home base for fellows to develop meaningful relationships with site leaders. Preceptors are committed to ensuring the program provides value to the fellows, and dedicate their time mentoring fellows through one-on-one meetings to review projects and personal development, engaging fellows in project work and seeking input from the fellow on interests and career projection, and helping the fellow network with leaders throughout the health system.

The 2018 - 2019 first year preceptors are:

  • Jon Maner, Senior Vice President, Beaumont Physician Partners and Executive Director, Beaumont Medical Group
  • Rosanna Morris, President, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak
  • David Claeys, President, Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn
  • Nancy Susick, President, Beaumont Hospital, Troy
  • Chris Stesney, President, Beaumont Hospital, Trenton

The 2018 - 2019 second year preceptors will be:

  • John Fox, President and CEO, Beaumont Health
  • Susan Grant, Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Beaumont Health
  • John Kerndl, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Beaumont Health
  • Carolyn Wilson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Beaumont Health
  • Paul LaCasse, Executive Vice President, Post-Acute Care Division & Diversified Business Operations, Beaumont Health
  • Lee Ann Odom, President, Beaumont Hospital, Taylor, Executive Leader Orthopedics Clinical Care Program and Mental Health, Beaumont Health

Administrative Fellowship Coordinator: Chelsea Lange, Director, Operations

First Year


The first year of the fellowship is project-based at the fellow’s home site where the fellow will be given the opportunity to actively participate in senior-level meetings, present to leadership, and manage initiatives. Project work will involve data extraction, analysis and presentation, business planning, generation of financial pro formas, operations flow analysis and interaction with staff at all levels of the organization. The fellow is expected to address complex issues and propose recommendations for consideration and implementation. Sample projects completed by past fellows include:

  • completed and filed a Certificate of Need application
  • evaluated effectiveness of pre-employment survey tool in reducing turnover
  • managed capital budgeting process
  • participated in multidisciplinary "kaizen" process improvement teams to enhance patient flow
  • analyzed nursing unit occupancy and capacity for heart failure patients; worked with Director of Nursing to develop plan for a designated heart failure nursing unit
  • completed orthopedic strategic business plan incorporating a market assessment and growth initiatives
  • facilitated a campus development plan
  • developed and implemented a Surgical Optimization Clinic to improve post-surgical outcomes
  • created an electronic scheduling process for inpatient rehabilitation
  • assisted in coordinating a health collaborative for an underserved area in Metro Detroit
  • collaborated with the Green Team to create a policy and algorithm for expired and non-expired product donation
  • coordinated the business development of a Specialty Pharmacy program

Clinical Shadowing

The first year of the fellowship will also include a clinical experience component as Fellows complete short-term clinical rotations in areas such as, but not limited to:

  • emergency medicine
  • surgery
  • lab and pathology
  • pharmacy
  • skilled nursing facility
  • home health

Second Year

The second year of the fellowship is both project-based, where the Fellow works with a different preceptor and administrative team than the first year, and rotational-based where fellows will have the chance to travel to other hospital, ambulatory, or post-acute sites and corporate headquarters to work with identified leaders across Beaumont Health. Departmental rotations will vary in length, allowing for flexibility to accommodate the Fellows’ interests and will be determined based on a mutual understanding with their preceptor. These rotations include, but are not limited to:

  • finance and revenue cycle
  • quality, safety and service
  • human resources
  • strategic planning
  • information technology
  • marketing and communications

The second year is also meant to be a transition between the end of the fellowship and the hopeful employment of the Fellow. Positions past fellows have gone into directly after their fellowship include:

  • Director, Operations, Beaumont Health
  • Customer Service and Administrative Coordinator, Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills
  • Administrative Manager, Cardiac Progressive Care Unit, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak
  • Operations Support Specialist, Beaumont Physician Partners
  • Business Manager, Surgical Services, Beaumont Health


The Fellow is paid an annual salary and moving stipend that is competitive with other administrative fellowship programs around the country. Additionally, the fellow receives the full benefits package that is available to all employees of Beaumont Health, which includes medical insurance, dental and vision plans, retirement plan options, and more. The Fellow also receives a stipend to use for conferences and other professional development opportunities over the two years.


Current Fellows


Nicholas Buhay
First Year Fellow, 2018 - 2020
Beaumont Hospital, Trenton
Wayne State University, MBA

Dedman_DallasDallas Dedman
 Year Fellow, 2018 - 2020
Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn
Rush University, MS-HSM

Henry_MichaelMichael Henry
First Year Fellow, 2018 - 2020
Beaumont Hospital, Troy
University of Michigan, MHSA

Malik_FareehaFareeha Malik
First Year Fellow, 2018 - 2020
Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak
Central Michigan University, MSA-HS

Williams_CiaraCiara Williams
First Year Fellow, 2018 - 2020
Beaumont Medical Group
Georgetown University, MHSA

Cook_Dan-2017_webDan Cook
Second Year Fellow, 2017 - 2019
Executive Leadership Team
Grand Valley State University, MHA

Havey_Corinne_webCorinne Havey
Second Year Fellow, 2017 - 2019
Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills
Saint Louis University, MHA

Kruthoff_Bryson_webBryson Kruthoff
Second Year Fellow, 2017 - 2019
Government Relations & Community Affairs
University of Iowa, MHA and MS, Health Policy

Nguyen_Bianca-2017_webBianca Nguyen
Second Year Fellow, 2017 - 2019
Executive Leadership Team
University of Minnesota, MHA

Orsey_Matthew_webMatthew Orsey
Second Year Fellow, 2017 - 2019
Executive Leadership Team
Saint Louis University, MHA

Patel_Vijay-2017_webVijay Patel
Second Year Fellow, 2017 - 2019
Executive Leadership Team
The George Washington University, MHA

Past Fellows


Mitch Cote
Administrative Fellow, 2016 - 2018
Operation Support Specialist, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak
University of Iowa, MHA

jesse-eikenberryJesse Eikenberry
Administrative Fellow, 2016 - 2018
Business Manager, Orthopedics, Beaumont Health
University of Minnesota, MHA

tia-faraonTia Faraon
Administrative Fellow, 2016 - 2018
Business Manager, Management System, Beaumont Medical Group
University of Illinois at Chicago, MHA

blaine-rogalskiBlaine Rogalski
Administrative Fellow, 2016 - 2018
Business Manager, Surgery, Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn
Case Western Reserve University, MBA

bryan-wickershamBryan Wickersham
Administrative Fellow, 2016 - 2018
Director of Ambulatory Expansion, Beaumont Health
Walsh College, MBA

dana-snyderDana Snyder
Administrative Fellow, 2016 - 2017
Director of Nursing Business Operations, Beaumont Health 
Baker College, MBA

yaqoota-azizYaqoota Aziz
Administrative Fellow, 2015 - 2017
Strategy Associate, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
University of Michigan, MHSA

chelsea-langeChelsea Lange
Administrative Fellow, 2015 - 2017
Director, Access Center, Beaumont Health
Johns Hopkins University, MHA

jessica-burgettJessica Burgett
Administrative Fellow, 2015 - 2016
Manager, Patient Experience and Special Projects, Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills
University of Maryland, MHA

lauren-wysockiLauren Wysocki
Administrative Fellow, 2015 - 2016
Business Manager, Internal Medicine, Quality and Safety, and Infection Control, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak
Rush University, MS-HSM

peter-vogelsbergPeter Vogelsberg, RN
Administrative Fellow, 2014 - 2015
University of Michigan, MHSA

erika-arndtErika Arndt
Administrative Fellow, 2014 - 2015
Project Manager, Plastic Surgery, Michigan Medicine
Oakland University, MPA

elizabeth-urdahlElizabeth Urdahl
Administrative Fellow, 2013 - 2014
Client Services Manager, MediRevv
University of Iowa, MHA

allison-gatesAllison Gates
Administrative Fellow, 2013 - 2014
Program Manager, Michigan Medicine
University of Michigan, MHSA

abrar-founasAbrar Founas
Administrative Fellow, 2012 - 2013
System Director, Physician Services, Beaumont Physician Partners
University of Michigan, MHSA

steven-schimpkeSteven Schimpke
Administrative Fellow, 2012 - 2013
Business Development Manager, Cunningham-Limp Development Company
University of Michigan, MHSA

megan-huttonMegan Hutton
Administrative Fellow, 2011 - 2012
Business Director, Women’s and Children’s, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak
University of Iowa, MHA

molly-kalishMolly Eymann
Administrative Fellow, 2010 - 2011
Growth Analytics Manager
University of Michigan, MHSA

lacey-sapkiewiczLacey Sapkiewicz
Administrative Fellow, 2009 - 2010
Executive Director, Cardiac and Service Line Development, St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, a member of Trinity Health
University of Michigan, MHSA