Foot & Ankle Surgery

From hammertoes to ankle transplantation, foot and ankle surgery at Beaumont is a spectrum of services provided by fellowship trained foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons. Maintaining pain free mobility and maximizing functional capacity is the mainstay of foot and ankle treatment. With advances in state of the art surgical procedures, rehabilitation techniques, and contemporary orthotic devices, Beaumont foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons have been more successful than ever in accomplishing these goals. 

Some of the foot and ankle treatment options that we provide include:

  • congenital and developmental deformity correction
  • arthritic reconstruction including joint replacement and ankle transplantation
  • traumatic extremity reconstruction including fracture care, tendon and ligament repair
  • sports-related disorders
  • flatfoot correction
  • bunion and hammertoe correction
  • diabetic foot and ankle reconstruction
  • orthotic and brace management

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