Patient Rights and Responsibilities

During your stay with us, our goal is to make your experience as supportive as possible by providing information and open channels of communication. You can voice issues and recommendations without concern for discrimination, reprisal or unreasonable interruption of care, treatment and services. The rights of patients may be exercised by patients; and where appropriate, by guardians, patient advocates, designated representatives and other surrogate decision makers of patients who are unable to exercise their own rights; and by family members and others when the patient directs or consents.

At Beaumont Health, no patient shall be denied necessary and appropriate medical care because of race, color, age, national origin, marital status, religion, sex, gender, identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, handicap, or source of payment.

Your patient rights

Informed decision

  • You are entitled to receive understandable information regarding your condition and proposed treatment. If you do not understand something, ask for it to be explained.
  • you are entitled to designate a patient advocate in the event you are unable to participate in your own medical care, treatment and service decisions
  • the hospital can help you with advance medical directive questions

Information and participation in care

You are entitled to:

  • know who is responsible for and who is providing your direct care
  • receive information concerning continuing health needs and alternatives for meeting those needs
  • be involved in decisions and resolve dilemmas about your care, treatment and services
  • be informed about unanticipated outcomes
  • be involved in discharge planning as appropriate

Information about facility rules affecting care

You are entitled to information about the Beaumont facility rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct.

Right to exercise civil and religious liberties

Patients’ civil and religious liberties, including the right to independent personal decisions and the right to knowledge of available choices, shall not be infringed, and the hospital shall encourage and assist patients in the fullest possible exercise of these rights.


You have the right to have your cultural, psychosocial, spiritual and personal values, beliefs and preferences respected.


Beaumont Health provides an atmosphere that supports personal dignity of patients through:

  • the provision of spiritual care and access to religious/cultural activity
  • the protection of confidentiality of information about patients
  • respect for the privacy of patients at all times
  • informing staff if there is anyone with whom you do not want information shared

Treatment choices and refusal of treatment

You or your representative are entitled to participate in decisions regarding the development, implementation and revision of your treatment/care plan; to refuse care, treatment and services to the extent provided by law and regulation; and to be informed of the consequences of that refusal.

You are entitled to make an informed decision regarding donation of organs and tissue under  state law.

Freedom from abuse/restraints

You are entitled to be free from exploitation, mental, verbal, sexual and physical abuse, as well as physical and chemical restraints, except those restraints ordered by a physician. Patients have a right to access protection and advocacy services. Your nurse or attending physician can assist with this resource.

Research studies

Depending on your condition, an experimental treatment may be your best option and must be fully explained to you prior to treatment. You may refuse the recommended treatment without fearing that your continued medical care will be jeopardized.

Pain management

You have the right to expect information about pain and pain relief measures from staff members who are committed to pain prevention and management, and who will respond quickly to reports of pain and provide pain relief.

Interpretive services

You are entitled to assistance in understanding care, treatment and health service information provided by the health care team. Specific assistance available to persons with disabilities and those with limited English proficiency includes translation and other services to accommodate vision, speech, hearing, language and cognitive impairment at no cost to you.

Right to associate with others

You are entitled to associate and have private communications and consultations with physicians, attorneys or any other person of your choice. You may meet with, and participate in, the activities of social, religious and community groups at your discretion.


Visits from family and friends are welcome and can be helpful for emotional support.

The presence of a support individual of the patient’s choice is allowed unless the individual’s presence infringes upon patient rights or safety or is medically or therapeutically contraindicated. The individual may or may not be the patient’s surrogate decision-maker or legally authorized representative.

After you leave

If you are to be transferred to another health care facility, you will be given an explanation regarding why you are being moved. The choices available to you will be fully explained.

You will also be involved in determining how your continuing health care needs will be met after you leave.

You can access your health records for a reasonable fee upon request in accordance with HIPAA and Michigan’s Medical Record Access Act. You are also entitled to request amendment to and receive an accounting of disclosure of your health information as applicable by law.

Your patient responsibilities

During your medical treatment, you are responsible for the following rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct. We ask that you partner with us to achieve the best care possible. You are:

  • responsible for providing a complete and accurate medical history
  • responsible for letting us know if you clearly comprehend a planned course of action and the things you are expected to do
  • responsible for following the recommendations  and advice prescribed by the physician providing your care
  • responsible for providing information about unexpected complications that arise during  a course of treatment
  • responsible to work with your doctor and nurse to develop a pain management plan, ask for pain relief when pain first begins, tell your doctor or nurse if your pain has not been relieved and share with your health care team any worries you may have about taking pain medications
  • responsible for providing accurate and timely information concerning your source of payment and ability to meet financial obligations resulting from your stay
  • responsible to ask for things to be explained  when you do not understand
  • responsible for your personal clothing and possessions (you are encouraged to take belongings home to avoid loss)
  • expected to treat staff, visitors and other patients with respect and to refrain from language or behavior (physical or non-physical) that is offensive, abusive or intimidating

Billing concerns

You are entitled to receive and examine an explanation of your Beaumont Health bills regardless of source of payment, and to receive, upon request, information related to financial assistance available by and through Beaumont Health.

For questions about bills for lab studies and other billing concerns, please contact a patient financial services representative using the hospital contact information below.

The patient financial representative can help with the following:

  • concerns regarding your insurance coverage or how you intend to pay your bill, to help you understand the billing process and your options
  • if you have no health insurance, there is a chance you may be eligible for financial assistance through government or private sources depending on your financial status, illness or nature of condition
  • if you have no health insurance and are unable to pay, a service excellence representative from our non-profit hospital can put you in touch with the Patient Financial Assistance Policy and application

Concerns/questions about service

You are entitled to exercise your rights as a patient and to present a complaint or grievance about your care or service within Beaumont Health, free from restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.

If you have additional comments or concerns, please contact the patient representative who will work with you. The hospital representative will inform you and your family about the complaint resolution process.

If you have a patient concern, please contact one of the following Beaumont hospital locations:


















Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Bureau of Health Systems
P.O. Box 30664
Lansing MI, 48909

Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program
(Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills only)
KEPRO Beneficiary Hotline