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Common Chronic Knee Conditions

Knee pain and dysfunction is so common, it’s unusual for people to get to the age of 50 without having experienced it. And because the knees are so important to everyday tasks and just getting from one place to another, having knee issues can make simple activities seem anything but simple. Knee problems can affect anyone at any age. The causes of knee pain range from injury to mechanical problems to arthritis and other chronic conditions. 

Age, injury, chronic inflammation, diet, genetics and lifestyle can all contribute to the symptoms associated with knee problems. Chronic knee conditions, if not treated properly, can lead to a lifetime of pain and dysfunction. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Beaumont, we have a dedicated orthopedic knee program with experts who treat all sorts of knee conditions. 

To diagnose your knee problem, we will take a medical history, do a physical exam, and likely run some tests. The tests may include x-rays, ultrasound, bone scans, biopsy, or blood tests. 

Some chronic knee conditions we treat are:

We also treat injuries and more acute conditions, such as:

  • Dislocation
  • ACL tear or rupture
  • Meniscus tear

When should you see a doctor?

If you’re experiencing pain in or around your knee, you may wonder whether to go to the doctor. If you have any of the following symptoms, we recommend you make an appointment with your doctor or an orthopedic knee specialist.

Call your doctor if:

  • You have pain, stiffness, or discomfort in or around your knee that is making it difficult to perform everyday activities
  • You heard or felt a popping in your knee
  • You have noticeable swelling around your knee
  • You have difficulty fully extending or bending your knee
  • You feel unstable while walking or standing, or you feel like your knee is giving out
  • You notice obvious deformity
  • You have other symptoms along with your knee pain or stiffness, like fever, swelling, redness or warmth

Beaumont’s Sports and Orthopedic Injury Clinics offer specialized treatment on a walk-in basis and you'll be able to get everything from same-day exams and imaging to surgical referrals and expedited access to specialists.

When to visit the clinic, as opposed to a Beaumont emergency center

Treatment options

Your orthopedic doctor will work with you to come up with a treatment plan that best addresses your condition and takes your concerns and lifestyle into account. Treatment options will vary depending on what type of knee condition you have, the severity of your symptoms and how they are impacting your life, the long-term prognosis of surgical repair versus non-surgical options, your preference and tolerance for different treatments, your age, and other factors.

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Orthopedic experts trust us

Beaumont orthopedic knee surgeons provide extraordinary, innovative care at locations across Metro Detroit. Beaumont offers a regional referral center for patients requiring more complex knee surgery for failed total joint replacements, which means orthopedic specialists across the region trust the experts at Beaumont to care for their patients. Several of our knee surgeons have special training in joint preservation procedures designed to prevent progression of arthritic or congenital disease in the young adult. 

Connect with our orthopedic knee specialists 

At Beaumont, our orthopedic surgeons are breaking new ground and pioneering treatments that improve the lives of patients dealing with knee pain and other orthopedic conditions. Whether you’re seeking help with an existing condition, you would like a diagnosis, or you are looking for help with recovery and rehabilitation, Beaumont joint pain doctors can help. Beaumont has orthopedic specialists who offer the treatments and services you need.

Call us at 800-633-7377 to make an appointment, or request an appointment online.