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Transition to Athletics Guidance

Made possible by a generous donation from G. John and Betty Stevens, Transition to Athletic Guidance (TAG) at Beaumont helps athletes and other active individuals further prepare for a return to athletic activities following a Beaumont physical therapy program. Certified athletic trainers will lead participants in sport-specific functional programs designed to help anyone from the high school or college athlete to the active senior successfully transition from physical therapy back into their sport or recreational activity.

The Beaumont certified athletic trainer leading the program will assess the athlete using the Functional Movement Systems approach favored by numerous professional sports organizations. This will help identify potential problem areas or imbalances to be addressed through the TAG program. Athletes will be guided through exercises to improve agility, balance, proprioception, strength and flexibility to meet their specific sports and recreational activity needs.

Who can join?

This program is open to individuals 14 years old and older seeking a return to their preferred sport or recreational activity after recently completing physical therapy with Beaumont Rehab Services.

TAG Programs

Programs are available for active individuals in one of the three categories:

  • Academic Athletes - high school or college athletes looking to get back into the game
  • Weekend Warriors - adults looking to return to sports activities like running, tennis, softball, golf and more
  • Sporty Seniors - older adults working their way back to activities like golf, yoga, fitness classes or gym workouts

When is it offered?

Sessions are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Exact times will be discussed during the registration process.

What does it cost?

The program is available in five-week increments. The participant can choose to attend either once or twice a week. Individual and group sessions are available.

Individual 30-minute sessions are offered at a rate of $91.50 for a five-session package. Group sessions are 60 minutes each and are offered at a rate of $91.50 per person for a five-session package. Groups may consist of up to three individuals.

Participants must obtain written physician approval to participate. Call 313-473-4700 to register.

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