Stroke Assessment

The following is a stroke risk assessment matrix. Read through the different stroke risk factor columns and check every box that applies to you. Each box that applies to you equals one point. Total your stroke risk factor score at the bottom of each column and compare with the stroke risk levels below:

STROKE RISK FACTOR   High Stroke Risk Factors   Cautionary Risk Factors   Low Stroke Risk Factors
 Blood Pressure   >140/90 or unknown     120-139/80-89   <120/80
 Atrial Fibrillation   Irregular heartbeat   I don't know   Regular heartbeat   
 Smoking   Smoker   Trying to quit   Nonsmoker
 Cholesterol   >240 or unknown   200-239   <200
 Diabetes   Yes   Borderline   No
 Exercise   Couch potato   Some exercise   Regular exercise
 Diet   Overweight   Slightly overweight      Healthy weight
 Stroke in Family     Yes   Not sure   No


Scorecard Results*

             High Risk >3: Ask about stroke prevention right away.
   Caution 4 - 6: A good start. Work on reducing risk.
   Low Risk 6 - 8: You're doing very well at controlling stroke risk.


*The information and materials contained on or in this site do not provide, and are not a replacement for, professional medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see your physician or other health care provider for medical advice.

Ask your healthcare provider how you can reduce your risk of stroke. Beaumont is offering a series of seven non-invasive tests to evaluate your risk for heart disease and stroke, including state-of-the-art ultrasounds of your major arteries, all for only $70.

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