Spine and Back Surgery

Beaumont's comprehensive approach to the treatment of neck and back pain and related spine conditions incorporates the expertise of both orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgical spine surgeons who are highly knowledgeable in both non-surgical and surgical treatments. Many Beaumont spine surgeons are leaders in the field, conducting innovative research programs and clinical trials that help expand the boundaries of spine surgery.

Beaumont spine surgeons evaluate every patient individually to determine the best course of treatment, which may include surgery and/or nonsurgical therapies. Some of the many surgical spinal treatments offered include:

  • discectomy
  • laminectomy
  • cervical spinal fusion
  • lumbar spinal fusion
  • disc replacement
  • instrumentation
  • spinal cord stimulators
  • spine tumor removal
  • foraminotomy
  • minimally invasive surgery
  • corpectomy
  • kyphoplasty
  • vertebroplasty

Using these treatments and other advanced approaches, Beaumont spine surgeons lower risk, reduce pain and bring about faster recoveries for patients facing nearly any condition of the spine. This includes offering the latest minimally invasive spine surgery when appropriate. Advances in spinal surgery techniques and technology allow many patients to return to normal activities in just a few weeks. Older approaches commonly required months of recovery.




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