Postpartum Therapy

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes a large number of physical and hormonal changes.We have physical therapists with specialized training in the treatment of women during pregnancy and following childbirth. 

Our goal in physical therapy is to treat all pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain, provide education regarding posture and body mechanics, and speed your recovery from childbirth. 

Common pregnancy related conditions include

  • low back pain
  • sacroiliitis
  • pubic symphysis pain
  • pelvic floor weakness (urinary/fecal incontinence)
  • diastasis recti
  • scar mobilization (episiotomy, C-section)
  • rib pain
  • foot changes
  • carpal tunnel
  • thoracic outlet syndrome
Childbirth issues we can help

  • reduce the long-term effects of child birth
  • speed recovery from childbearing
  • strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • restore abdominal strength
  • provide safe exercise advise
  • regain good posture
  • educate regarding good body mechanics