Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters (P.L.A.Y.)

The P.L.A.Y. (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters) Project is a program designed for children ages 18 months to 6 years who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or pervasive development disorder (PDD). This speech therapy program was developed by Dr. Richard Solomon in 2001 based on the DIR (developmental, individualized and relationship-based) model of Dr. Stanley Greenspan.

There are six functional developmental levels in the framework of this speech therapy model including:

  • self-regulation
  • shared attention
  • engagement
  • two-way communication
  • initiation, complex communication and language, simple symbolic play
  • complex symbolic play/emotional thinking

This program for autistic children is designed to provide parents with the tools needed to promote communication with their child in an intensive, one-on-one, play-based environment. Clinicians provide a practical application of the DIR/ Floortime Model in monthly 90-minute sessions using and/or coaching various P.L.A.Y. techniques, creating a growing and learning communication experience in every interaction with their child.

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