Physical Therapy for Pregnancy

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, pain and limitation in activities is common. The goal of pregnancy physical therapy is to help mothers experience a more comfortable pregnancy, and to recover from pregnancy, labor and delivery sooner.


Physical therapy for pregnancy provides treatment that addresses joint, musculoskeletal and postural pain that occurs in pregnancy and the post-partum stage, while offering suggestions for beneficial lifestyle changes.

Service Overview

Beginning with an evaluation, a licensed Physical Therapist with specialized training will formulate a treatment program based on each individual's situation. Treatment may include patient education, manual therapy, massage therapy, therapeutic exercise, postural corrections and use of supportive garments. As with any Physical Therapy, a prescription from your physician is required prior to starting Physical Therapy treatment.

Skills and Licensure of Clinicians

Beaumont Physical Therapists are licensed by the State of Michigan and have undergone specialized training to address the unique needs of pregnant women.

Conditions Treated

The Beaumont Pregnancy Physical Therapy Program treats a wide variety of diagnoses including but not limited to:

  • Low back pain
  • Sacroilitis
  • Post pregnancy related issues (pelvic floor weakness due to episiotomy or tearing)
  • Pubic symphisitis
  • Diastasis recti management (separation of abdominal muscles during pregnancy)
  • Thoracic pain (mid-back pain)
  • Scar tissue mobilization (post episiotomy or post C-section)
  • Bowel and bladder incontinence (LIFT Program)


Most insurances are accepted, but therapy/program coverage depends on individual insurance benefits. Discount programs are available for those who qualify.

  • Decrease low back pain during pregnancy
  • Increase knowledge of causes and instruction in self-management of pain
  • Increase functional activity and return to normal daily-life activity as soon as possible
  • Increase functional activity and return to normal daily-life activity as soon as possible
  • Improve posture