Expedited Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Facing the possibility of a cancer diagnosis is extremely stressful. Beaumont expedites the diagnosis process through a coordinated and comprehensive program that quickly provides answers. A single call to the Comprehensive Breast Centers mobilizes Beaumont's multidisciplinary team of highly trained cancer specialists. An experienced Oncology Nurse Navigator meets with the patient at the time of an abnormal finding.

A standardized process minimizes delays, thus reducing the time to diagnosis. This results in expedited access to health care for patients and efficient use of time and resources. For many cancers, early detection can reduce mortality, so speed is of the essence. Beaumont detects more early-stage cancer than any other hospital in Michigan, and the caring staff can ensure consistent care, support and guidance during a difficult time.

To make an appointment or for more information, call:

Royal Oak: 248-551-3300 Troy: 248-964-5170

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