New Beginnings Maternity Center, Farmington Hills


At New Beginnings Maternity Center at Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills, we know that having a baby is a significant event in your life. We've developed a variety of programs and services to help you throughout the childbearing process. Our focus is on caring for mother and baby before, during and after delivery. Some of the features available for extra comfort during labor include:

  • Convenient, reserved parking for patients
  • Room service and post-delivery gourmet meal
  • Tastefully appointed post-partum suites include in-room lavatories, flat screen televisions and pull-out sleeper chairs for guests.  
  • Fully digital medical records system to improve safety and speed of care

Mother Baby Unit

On our Mother Baby (postpartum) unit, Beaumont supports and encourages couplet care, in which newborns remain with their mothers in the same room for their entire stay. Couplet care enhances bonding and the ability to breastfeed. While on the Mother Baby Unit, you and your baby will receive care from an individual nurse. He or she is available to answer your questions, offer instructions on feeding and help you adjust to your new baby. Your nurse can also give you a demonstration on bathing your baby and other tasks.

And once you’re home, you are welcome to call one of our nurses anytime during those first few weeks to ask important questions. If you’re a first-time mother, you will receive a follow-up call a couple of days after your return home. 

When you're in labor

Relatives or other individuals bringing obstetric patients to Beaumont, Farmington Hills should follow the procedure below:

  1. Drive vehicle to Emergency entrance.
  2. Leave obstetric patient in Emergency Department area.
  3. The patient will be transported to the New Beginnings Maternity Center.
  4. Park vehicle in Emergency Room parking lot or Main Lobby parking lot. Enter Hospital through the Emergency or Main Lobby Entrance and proceed to the New Beginnings Maternity Center.