Beaumont has helped many people achieve their weight loss goals through bariatric surgery. Below are a few amazing success stories and their results. Learn more about the bariatric surgery program and how Beaumont can help you succeed. 

Terran L., 63, of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, had gastric bypass bariatric surgery. She lost 110 pounds and now weighs 129 pounds. Her clothing size went from 24 to a 6. She never exercised before surgery, but now works out with a trainer at home doing cardiovascular and weight training. "I really, really researched this surgery and the whole experience was great," she says. "I would do it again tomorrow." 

Pat B., of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, had bariatric surgery six years ago. At six feet tall, she said she carried her 360 pounds well, but she now weighs around 250. As an echocardiographer in a cardiology medical practice, she understood the dangers she faced from her extra weight. Her bariatric surgery successfully treated her diabetes and improved her blood pressure. 

Joe O. had bariatric surgery after hearing about it from a co-worker. At his pre-surgery medical exams he learned he actually weighed 450 pounds, not 400, and discovered he had sleep apnea. Through his successful bariatric surgery, he lost 200 pounds - or as he puts it "five bags of rock salt."

Elaine B. of Manchester had a friend who was preparing for bariatric surgery at Beaumont. Elaine, a nurse at the time, went along to the pre-surgery medical exams and meetings to offer advice and support. She decided to have the surgery herself in 2003. She went from 257 pounds to 167 pounds, which she has maintained for five years by carefully logging what she eats every day and by exercising every day. 

Sharon B., 57, of Troy, had bariatric surgery and has stabilized at 90 pounds of weight loss. She went to the Club Bariatrix support groups at Beaumont for about one year before deciding to have the surgery. "I saw people there who had kept the weight off for three or four years and that was what I wanted," she says. Just six months after his successful bariatric surgery, Alphea R. had lost 110 pounds, down from a pre-surgery weight of 387. He hopes to lose another 110 pounds. His blood pressure and diabetes medications have been reduced. He hopes to run a marathon by his 50th birthday.