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From treating depression, anxiety and panic disorders to biopolar, psychotic and obsessive-compulsive disorders, Beaumont doctors can help get you or your family member on the road to recovery. And because Beaumont's psychiatric program is on a voluntary basis only, all of the patients here are motivated for treatment. 

Beaumont also offers a partial day hospital. With this program, you or your family member is able to receive intense treatment and still return home every evening.

Inpatient Care

Beaumont offers complete adult inpatient psychiatric care in an environment that promotes mental wellness. Admission is on a voluntary basis at Beaumont, so your family member will be in a program with other patients who are also seeking voluntary treatment. 

During hospitalization, a team of nurses, social workers, activity therapists, dietitians, psychiatrists and medical physicians are available to care for your around the clock. The inpatient program focuses on treatment that will help you move into partial hospitalization or outpatient care as quickly as possible.

Beaumont's inpatient program participates with Medicare and many other private insurance companies. You may contact your insurance company directly regarding your benefits and coverage.

For more information on inpatient care, please call 248-898-7979 for Psychiatric Admission Screening Services (PASS program).

Outpatient Care

Beaumont's Psychiatry department is comprised of board-certified psychiatrists who offer outpatient treatment in their private offices. General adult psychiatric treatments included are psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. As well as subspecialty care in geriatrics, anxiety and mood disorders, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, electroconvulsive treatment and many other specialties. 

Partial Hospitalization Program

Mental illness can require more intensive help than an outpatient clinic can provide. That's where Beaumont's partial hospitalization program comes in. The program is designed to help you manage your emotional or mental illness through a combination of treatments such as individual and group therapy sessions, psycho educational programming to provide you with information about your illness and recreational therapy to help you with emotional, physical and social functioning.

You spend five days a week in the program, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., so you can receive the care you need in a controlled environment. Then you have the opportunity to practice the skills you've learned at home with your family.

Beaumont is a non-smoking campus.   

For more information on partial day hospital stay, please call 248-898-2222.

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Beaumont is a leader in electroconvulsive therapy. ECT is used chiefly to treat severe depression, but may also be used to treat schizophrenia, mania or other illnesses. ECT may be recommended for patients who: 

  • have not responded to antidepressant medicines
  • are unable to take antidepressants due to side effects
  • can no longer carry out daily activities
  • have impaired thinking abilities
  • have responded to ECT in the past

ECT treatments are done initially as an inpatient, with some follow-up on an outpatient basis. A full course treatment usually consists of six to 12 treatments. Please discuss with your psychiatrist if ECT is right for you.