Men's Health | Yearly Wellness Physical

Beaumont is committed to educating men over the age of 35 about the importance of lifesaving health screenings – including those that you can routinely perform yourself and those that should be performed by your primary care physician during your annual checkup.

  • height and weight
  • blood pressure
  • re-immunize for inoculations that have lapsed since childhood such as tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, shingles, pneumococcal and HPV
  • annual flu shot
  • pneumonia vaccine every 5 years
  • cholesterol (beginning at age 35 – every 5 years if normal or annually with risk factors)
  • fasting blood sugar levels for signs of diabetes
  • testicular exam (monthly in shower, annually with physician)
  • full body scan for suspicious moles or skin lesions
  • hypertension (blood pressure test)
  • listen to heart and lungs
  • check abdomen, thyroid glands and lymph nodes for abnormalities
  • glaucoma screening (every 2 years with ophthalmologist)
  • prostate cancer screening (age 50 for all, age 45 for high risk populations, age 40 with family history)
  • colonoscopy (age 50 for all, age 40 with family history, every 10 years after)
  • bone density study every 2-5 years beginning at age 65
  • other personal concerns you would like to discuss

Two important notes regarding your annual exam:

  • Be sure to share family health history and any updates on a yearly basis. This history could be critical to the care and screenings your doctor suggests to maximize your health.
  • Before your doctor visit, write down your questions in a notebook and list all the medications you take and refills you need. Bring the notebook with you so you can record your doctor’s responses to your questions.

Beaumont specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of men’s health issues, offering less invasive treatments that get you feeling better faster.

To schedule your annual physical with a Beaumont physician, please call 800-633-7377 or find a doctor online. You can choose your physician by specialty, language, gender, insurance accepted and location.