Programs that Cater to You

Beaumont also has unique programs that cater to different athlete subgroups. Different approaches and programs are geared toward:

Growing Athletes

Growing athletes are not little adults when it comes to sports injuries. This is due mainly to injuries that can occur in actively growing bones. From injury prevention programs to leading edge arthroscopic techniques, Beaumont physicians can keep young athletes from being sidelined.

Female Athletes

From girls on school teams to women who stay active, female athletes are experiencing sports-related injuries now more than ever before. Beaumont's sports medicine physicians have taken a special interest in women's sports injuries and have been educated and trained in the particular nuances of these injuries.

Aging Athletes

As the baby boomers approach the age where joints start creaking and injuries happen more easily than in the past, "Boomeritis" becomes a more prominent complaint. Caring for the aging athlete or individual and keeping them active and in the game is a specialty of Beaumont sports medicine.