Hearing loss can happen at any age and for many reasons. Hearing loss can be congenital, or present at birth, or can develop suddenly at any age due to medical conditions or certain medications. Generally, hearing loss is associated with aging and develops gradually later in life.

Hearing should be monitored if you have a history of:

  • ongoing exposure to loud noises
  • ear infections or inner ear disease
  • ototoxic (hearing damaging) medications
  • genetic hearing impairment
  • dizziness or vertigo
  • Tinnitus (ear noises)
  • ear pain or pressure
  • ruptured eardrum
  • head injury

Signs you may need to see an audiologist for a hearing evaluation:

  • have difficulty hearing over the telephone
  • have trouble following conversations when two or more people speak at once or in a setting with a noisy background
  • often ask people to repeat themselves
  • void activities because of problems with hearing and understanding speech
  • believe most people mumble
  • have problems hearing or understanding speech of children or women
  • misunderstand others or respond inappropriately
  • miss sounds of telephone or doorbell ringing
  • are confused about where sounds are coming from