Heart Failure Clinic

Beaumont's Congestive Heart Failure Clinic is designed to improve the quality of life for those patient’s suffering with heart failure.  The clinical staff will help you manage a diagnosis that is very overwhelming and does not go away.  When managed properly, patients can carry on with their daily activities.  Patients recently diagnosed with heart failure, have uncontrolled heart failure or want more information on heart failure would be good candidates to take time to visit the heart failure clinic.

The clinic is free and is overseen by a medical director and nurse practitioners specializing in heart failure. It is not intended to replace your cardiologist.  The nurse practitioner will work closely with your cardiologist to provide you the best care possible.

Purpose of the clinic: 

  • help minimize your heart failure occurrences
  • receive one on one education with the a health care provider specializing in heart failure
  • learn more about managing your heart failure through weight management, nutritional information and medication management
  • manage patients with implanted CardioMems, a heart failure system to help with early detection of heart failure symptoms