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From the first swaddle to life-saving treatment, Beaumont Children’s cares for those who matter to you most. Children and families across Southeast Michigan rely on our extensive network, advanced care and range of services.

The Beaumont Children’s Miracle Child Program provides pediatric patients and their families the opportunity to stay connected with the Beaumont Children's community, amplify their important stories and give back in a way that is most meaningful for them.

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Joining the program is as simple as completing the Miracle Child Program form on this page. Once completed, your family will receive a confirmation email and additional program information.

Children’s Miracle Network Ambassador for Beaumont Children’s

Picture of Mila

Mila Sikes, 7 years old

Amy, Mila’s mother had no problems initially during her pregnancy in 2015. Not even morning sickness. However, in early January, more than 3 months before her due date, Amy started experiencing complications and was losing amniotic fluid. Amy and her husband Paul rushed to Beaumont Royal Oak and by the time they arrived, she was having contractions. Doctors were able to stop the contractions with medication, but they started again and although she had hoped to deliver naturally, Amy had to have an emergency c-section.

Mila was due May 2, 2015 but she was born on January 10, 2015. Doctors referred to her as a “micro preemie” due to her premature arrival and her weight of only one pound, 10 ounces.

Although she was tiny, Mila reached all her milestones and was incredibly fierce. Once her brain matured, she was able to regulate her body temperature to stay warm on her own, and a few weeks later, she was breathing on her own and drinking from a bottle. Every day she grew stronger.

After 135 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Beaumont Royal Oak, Mila was finally able to go home.

Today, Mila is a happy, healthy 7-year-old who has not only reached her milestones, but is surpassing them. Thanks to occupational and physical therapy and a specially adapted bike from CMN’s Bike Day program, Mila is more active than ever.

Her future goal is to continue to build her strength and coordination, which would allow her to ride her bike independently. She is also currently active in karate and has worked her way up to an orange belt.

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