Beaumont Access Center

Expedited admissions and transfers

Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak has established the Access Center to facilitate the placement of new patient admissions, intra-hospital and inter-hospital transfers to Beaumont, Royal Oak.

The Access Center provides 24-hour coverage, seven days a week with specially trained registered nurses and bed coordinators.

Take care of admitting your patient with one phone call to Beaumont by calling 866-858-8483. Through Beaumont's Access Center we will:

  • provide a "one call", streamlined process for all transfers and direct admissions into Beaumont Hospital
  • keep you up to date on your patient during their stay at Beaumont
  • arrange to get your patient back into your care, or into the next phase of their treatment or recovery, as soon as they are medically able
  • through our guest services department, arrange for lodging and other needs for family members

Beaumont Access Center was created to positively influence all interactions with physicians, administrators, patients and their families from referring hospitals. By establishing "one stop shopping" for all transfers and direct admits, Beaumont Access Center can streamline the process and deliver the outstanding care and services you and your patients expect and deserve. (Patients and families can also contact the Access Center themselves to facilitate transfers.)

Treatment for Complex Heart and Vascular Conditions

Beaumont offers treatment for complex heart and vascular diseases. Our cardiologists and heart surgeons are using the most advanced technologies available for repairing or replacing heart valves. The Access Center will facilitate any transfers necessary for your patient. To learn more, or for a consult with a cardiologist or heart surgeon, call the Access Center at 888-877-8766.