Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Protect yourself from phone scams

Protect Yourself from Telephone Callers Pretending to be Beaumont Health Staff 

Scam artists everywhere can call pretending to be your friend, family, confidant or business partner to obtain your personal or financial information. There is no technical way for businesses to stop these types of phishing calls to home or personal phones.

Unfortunately, incidents of phone scams are increasing. Some are even using sophisticated methods such as displaying names of familiar businesses on caller IDs. Please note that Beaumont Health staff does not call asking for personal information for any reason.

If anyone identifying as Beaumont staff contacts you, please remember to decline to provide any information over the phone. Then contact your Beaumont Health professional via previously used telephone numbers to verify they do not require the information.

Learn more by visiting FTC Consumer Information Phone Scam