Outpatient Appointments

Outpatient visit check in and check out procedure conducted in the exam room at Beaumont

What to Expect During Your Outpatient Appointment

While we expect to care for COVID-19 patients for some time, we’ve taken extra steps to create a safe, secure environment for our patients, families and staff. During your outpatient appointment, please note the following restrictions that are designed to keep you and your family safe:


Face Masks

A mask covering the nose and mouth are required to be worn at all times. If a person is wearing a mask with a one-way vent, an ear loop mask must replace the vented mask or may be worn over the vented mask. Ear loop masks will be provided at each entrance if you do not have one.


The CDC does not recommend using one-way valves or vented masks as they do not prevent the transmission of COVID-19.


Patient and Visitor Screenings

Each person will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the facility.



Visitation Restrictions

  • Each patient may bring ONE support person with them, provided the support person screens healthy.
  • Patients under 21 may come with TWO parents/legal guardians, provided the parents/legal guardians screen healthy.
  • Others must wait outside of the building until the patient is ready to leave.
  • Patients must not bring non-patient children under 16 to their appointment and must reschedule the appointment if childcare is not possible.


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