Free educational program on exercise and cardiac risk set for Oct. 3

Friday, September 13, 2019

Should you avoid exercise after a heart attack? What about exercise and heart failure – should people with heart failure avoid activity? In contrast, is intense exercise the only way to a healthy heart? Or, does too much exercise damage the heart?

Barry Franklin, Ph.D., director of Preventive Cardiology & Cardiac Rehabilitation at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, will address these issues and more as part of a free educational program on exercise and cardiovascular health, entitled, “Exercise and Cardiovascular Health: New Insights.”

This free community event will take place at the Beaumont Health and Wellness Center, 4949 Coolidge Hwy, conference rooms 1 - 4, in Royal Oak, Oct. 3, 6 - 7 p.m.

“Not only can proper exercise positively impact longevity, it also has a significant impact on quality of life,” Dr. Franklin said. “Through years of treatment and research, our goal in educating the community is to ignite a passion for regular to moderate, vigorous physical activity, which can improve health.” 

In addition to myths and misconceptions associated with exercise and cardiovascular health, Dr. Franklin will discuss:

  • How much exercise is enough?
  • Guidelines for starting and maintaining an exercise program
  • Risk vs benefits of aerobic exercise
  • Extreme exercise regimens 
  • Pros and cons of high-intensity interval training

For more information, call 248 655-5750