Beaumont recruiting patients for National Cancer Institute targeted-therapy study

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Part of largest precision medicine trial of its kind

Beaumont researchers are working to identify patients for a nationwide cancer study. The National Cancer Institute is seeking to determine whether targeted therapies for people whose tumors have certain gene mutations will be effective regardless of their cancer type.

Dr. Dana Zakalik, principal investigator for Beaumont Health, said, “Early results of sub-studies of the Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice trial, also referred to as MATCH, are compelling – possibly one day playing a role in advancing targeted treatments for patients with certain genetic abnormalities.”

MATCH research is for adults with solid tumors, lymphoma or myeloma. Researchers are enrolling patients with rare cancers. The studies are ongoing and enrolling patients at more than 1,100 cancer centers nationwide. Beaumont is a member of the National Cancer Institute’s Community Oncology Research Program, also known as NCORP.

All participants in the screening study are required to have had a sample of their tumor tested by a MATCH-designated laboratory. The labs are commercial or university-based labs which have signed an agreement with the National Cancer Institute to refer patients to a specific substudy. If the patient’s tumor has a genetic change or mutation targeted by one or more drugs used in the study, they will be asked to participate in the research study.

“We expect about 30-70 participants will take part in each of the MATCH substudies,” Dr. Zakalik, corporate medical director, Cancer Genetics Program, Beaumont, Royal Oak, explained. “We anticipate 15-20% of patients will have a mutation which can be matched with a treatment in one of the studies.”

Beaumont is asking some patients to participate in the study because their cancer prognosis has not improved following treatment, or no standard therapy exists for their type of cancer.

The research will be conducted at Beaumont hospitals in Royal Oak and Troy. For more information, call 248-551-7695 or go online. Search EAY131: Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (MATCH).