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Join the Beaumont Legacy Challenge and make a difference today

Planned gifts provide a significant source of support for Beaumont Health and the communities we serve. These contributions afford donors the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy by benefitting the cause, program, or project of their choosing. The impact of these gifts, however, is not immediate.

The Beaumont Legacy Challenge presents donors with an opportunity to witness the impact of their future philanthropy today. When you make a new planned gift to Beaumont, we will match up to 20 percent of the value of that gift and direct these funds to the same program or project designated in your planned gift.

In order to qualify for matching funds, planned gifts must be new, appropriately documented, and valued at a minimum of $100,000. Matching funds, which will be withdrawn from an available pool of $1 million, are subject to a cap of $200,000. (Planned gifts in excess of $1 million will be eligible for a $200,000 match.)

Some examples of how the Beaumont Legacy Challenge works are:

  • If your planned gift is $100,000, Beaumont will provide a match of $20,000.
  • If your planned gift is $500,000, Beaumont will provide a match of $100,000.
  • If your planned gift is $1 million, Beaumont will provide a match of $200,000.
  • If your planned gift is greater than $1 million, Beaumont’s match is limited to $200,000.

This is the first time Beaumont has offered to match a percentage of new planned gifts, and there is no guarantee a similar offer will be available in the future. The Beaumont Legacy Challenge runs through December 31, 2022.

If you have considered arranging a planned gift, we hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience the impact of your planned gift today.

For more information or to make your gift today, please contact Lawrence Ghannam, senior director of Development, at 947-522-0112 or

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