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The stroke experts at Beaumont Health recently created an updated acronym – FASTER – which adds two additional, but key, stroke symptom indicators.

Stroke symptoms: From FAST to FASTER

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Rebecca Grysiewicz on WWJ discusses symptoms and treatments for stroke.

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About Dr. Grysiewicz

Dr. Grysiewicz is medical director of stroke services at Beaumont, Royal Oak.

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Support After A Stroke

Everyone involved in helping is a caregiver - spouse, family members and friends.

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Atrial Fibrillation


We've all heard people talk about a racing heart, or having their heart skip a beat, but what does that actually mean?

A flutter, a flip-flop, a skip | Deciphering heart palpitations

Ask the Doctor

Dr. George Hanzel on WWJ discusses symptoms and treatments for atrial fibrillation.

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About Dr. Hanzel

Dr. Hanzel is an interventional cardiologist at Beaumont.

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Ginny's Story

Treatment improves quality of life and independence for 82-year-old grandmother

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Primary Care


Every wellness visit is a little different. You have different health needs than other patients and those needs change as you age and your lifestyle habits change.

What should be included in an annual wellness visit?

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Douglas Grucz on WWJ discusses the importance of a yearly physical.

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About Dr. Grucz

Dr. Grucz is a family medicine specialist at Beaumont.

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Health Screenings

Annual screening tests vary based on your age.

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Looking for a Primary Care Physician?

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Reasons your teenager needs a primary care doc

After your child has outgrown their pediatrician’s office, it’s important to maintain yearly wellness visits into their teenage years and beyond.

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