Anticoagulation Management Service (AMS)

Beaumont’s Anticoagulation Management Service is a telephone-based clinic that helps patients safely manage their warfarin (Coumadin) therapy. We are a team of nurses and a pharmacist who have undergone specialized training in managing warfarin (Coumadin) as well as other anticoagulant medications. 

Warfarin (Coumadin) is an effective blood thinner medication that is used to prevent blood clots from forming and treat existing blood clots from getting larger. It requires a health provider to monitor your INR (International Normalized Ratio) closely to ensure that you are taking the correct dose of warfarin (Coumadin). Too much warfarin could lead to bleeding, and too little warfarin can lead to a blood clot.

The staff at Beaumont’s Anticoagulation Management Service work with patients on an individual basis to:

  • monitor your INR closely and make warfarin dose adjustments as needed to prevent a blood clot or bleed
  • provide education on the safe use of warfarin (Coumadin), including the signs and symptoms of bleeding or blood clots


  • patients may use any convenient laboratory for INR draws or use our home finger stick monitoring program
  • assessments and one-on-one warfarin (Coumadin) teaching by a nurse and pharmacist who specializes in warfarin management
  • provide quick turnaround time from INR blood draw to patient notification on abnormal INR results
  • dosing schedule, INR results and next INR date are mailed to your home or can be sent electronically to your myBeaumont Chart
  • monitoring can begin on the first business day following discharge from the hospital or extended care facility

To enroll in Beaumont’s Anticoagulation Management Service, a referral is required from a Beaumont Physician, and patients must see their referring physicians at least once a year.