Patient & Family Centered Care


We recognize the important role families and other partners in care provide in supporting the health, healing and well-being of patients in their health journey.

We provide an environment where families and partners in care are valued and honored members of the care team.

What is patient & family centered care?

Patient and family centered care is our partnership with patients and their families to provide a collaborative, healing environment to help support the well being of our patients in all levels of care. Our patients define their family, including how they will participate in their care and decision-making.

We promise to:

  • listen, honor and respect your perspectives and choices
  • communicate complete and unbiased information honestly
  • support and encourage participation during your care, at the level you choose
  • partner with you and your family to help improve quality and safety
  • preserve a quiet and healing environment
  • provide 24/7 access to be with your loved one, with no formal visiting hours
  • provide family lounges to gather and rest
  • include you in hourly rounding and bedside shift reports